Shea Origin is a private company that manufactures and produces natural skin care products made from authentic locally produced Shea Butter. The company manufactures finished products such as body butters, body oils, moisturizers, cleansers and bath soaps with high shea content for the local and international cosmetic industry.

We believe increasing the production of Shea Origin skincare products and capturing a significant share of Nigeria’s high end retail shea butter products for the international and local markets will make significant contributions to the national economy which will help increase the capacity of the shea nut/butter processing centre and in turn increase the incomes of the shea nut pickers and processors to the benefit of the whole community.

We are focused on increasing production capabilities to make and distribute African-produced shea products that are competitive with global standards. This improved African supply chain would bring women one step closer to making their dreams a reality which is why since its inception Shea Origin has been at the sharp point of demanding, ambitious and complex initiatives aimed at strengthening and optimising the agricultural value chain across Nigeria.