Shea Origin at the Gambia International Trade Fair 2023

Shea Origin at the Gambia International Trade Fair
Gambia International Trade Fair 2023

The Gambia International Trade Fair 2023 provides an opportunity for businesses to sell, partner with and invest in viable SMEs from various sectors as well as industries. The Fair also provides a platform to identify and explore business opportunities between Gambian and international businesses around the world.

Shea Origin participated in the Gambia International Trade Fair as part of the company’s mission is to create a globally recognized brand that produces high-quality Shea butter and finished cosmetic products.

At the Gambia International Trade Fair, Shea Origin Limited showcased its range of organic skin care products, including body butter, hair cream, and lip balm. The company’s products received a lot of attention from attendees, who were impressed with the high-quality ingredients and authenticity of the products.

One of the unique features of Shea Origin Limited’s products is that they are made from Shea butter produced by women in rural communities in Nigeria. By sourcing its ingredients locally, Shea Origin Limited is able to support the economic development of these communities and empower women to become financially independent.

During the trade fair, Shea Origin Limited also had the opportunity to network with other businesses in the industry and establish new partnerships. The company’s participation in the trade fair was a success, as it helped to raise awareness of the brand and promote its mission to empower women.

In addition to its focus on empowering women and supporting rural communities, Shea Origin Limited is also committed to producing organic and sustainable products. The company uses only natural ingredients and avoids harsh chemicals that can be harmful to both people and the environment. By promoting sustainable practices, Shea Origin Limited is helping to create a better future for the planet.

Overall, Shea Origin Limited’s participation in the Gambia International Trade Fair was a great success. The company was able to showcase its range of organic skin care products, promote its mission of empowering women, and establish new partnerships in the industry. As the company continues to grow and expand, it will undoubtedly play an important role in promoting sustainable practices and empowering women in Nigeria and beyond.

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